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Libanon Lyceum

Op 4 februari 2002 deze mail van Chrissy:

Hello Albert!

graduated in 1958 from the Libanon Lyceum, HBS-A strand. I wonder if any of my old classmates remember that far back! I remember a girl in my class called Elsje, who had a fairly large curly-coated dog, and she used to eat his dog biscuits. Just to show off I think. I remember Elsje and myself lying on the floor of her bedroom, ears to the ground, to listen to the Pat Boone records that her neighbour downstairs was playing. The radio (which was not pop-music orientated at that time) used to play one Pat Boone track on Friday mornings, and the announcer used to call it the "wekelijkse boenbeurt".

I remember the chemistry teacher (I can't remember his name) who did not believe in mixing sexes and he put the girls in a row as far away from the boys as he possibly could in a classroom. He had an assistant called Mosterdijk. I remember once the teacher wanted to demonstrate that some metals were so soft that you could cut them with a knife, and he couldn't find the knife. He was muttering and getting more and more agitated and then called out the immortal words:"Mosterdijk, waar is mijn aardappel mes!!!".

Ballpoints were a new invention and we were not allowed to use them at school. We had to use fountain pens, which were expensive - and forever getting lost. It was just too easy to forget to pick up the pen when you changed classrooms. The pens never seemed to end up in the "lost property" box at the office.

I left Holland in for Australia about six months after I finished school, and so I have never seen any of my classmates again. I wonder if any remember me. I was very shy, and so did not stand out. Except for two things that added to my shyness: my name which at the time was Tineke Schellevis, and the bicycle I rode to school, which was oldest, crappiest bike in the whole school.

So if anyone remembers the class of 1958... I'd love to hear from them!

Kindest regards, Chrissy,

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