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Klasgenoten: all about school reunions and looking for (former) classmates (= klasgenoten) in the Netherlands and abroad.

Under the button 'Scholen' you will find a list of primary and high schools listed per province in the Netherlands and links (if the school is online).

Although there are many lists, we also try to include schools that no longer exist or have become part of larger schools (if you remember any of those old names, please let us know).

There is a page dedicated to
international schools in The Netherlands. A page with 'tweetalige scholen [TTO]' in The Netherlands an pages with schools in Belgiumdutch schools in Germanydutch schools in The Antilles and schools in Great Britain attended by Dutch pupils.

The button '
ReŁnie' brings you to a page with scheduled reunions, the button  'Oproep' to numerous 'I'm looking for' questons and the button 'Links' speaks for itself.

The button '
Terugblik' brings you to pages with highlights in history we remember well or have learned about. The selection is very personal and only says something about my brother and myself.

If you have any comment, you can send a mail to

We try not to violate copyright rules, but as we gather our information mostly from the Internet, we are not always sure. Please let us know if there are any problems, so we can remove copyrighted pictures, banners, etc. or try to solve the problem by linking.

Klasgenoten is a never ending project from
Pieter van Dijk [ 1948 - 2004, research/fundraiser ] and Albert van Dijk [ webmaster / content ] in the Netherlands.

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